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Aluminum Powders

Aluminum Powders

Aluminum Powders composed of aluminum flakes coated with layers of metal oxide, these powders offer a spectrum of colors, from silver and gold to vibrant hues. The result is a stunning, metallic finish that adds a touch of glamour to any nail art creation.

Product Image Code Color Form Particle Size MSDS TDS
A-S8150 Glitter Metallic Silver Powder 55-145μm
A-G6150 Shine Olive Green Powder 55-75μm
A-B6150 Shine Royal Blue Powder 55-75μm
A-S6150 Shine Silver Powder 55-75μm
A-Y3350 Luxury Gold Powder 35-55μm
A-G3150 Olive Green Powder 35-55μm
A-S3150 Metallic Silver Powder 35-75μm
A-S2150 Fine Silver Powder 15-45μm
A-Y6370 Shine Luster Gold Powder 55-75 μm
A-Y3150 Dragon Gold Powder 35-55 μm
A-G3170 Forest Green Powder 35-55 μm