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Thermochromic Pigment

Thermochromic Pigment

Thermochromic Pigment changes color as the temperature changes. As the temperature goes up, the pigment becomes colorless or colorful, revealing the base coat or graphics underneath or the pigments color. This pigment can be used in everything from custom paint to cosmetics. KOLORTEK offers the highest quality thermochromic pigments available, colors as below.

Product Image Code Color Form Particle Size MSDS TDS
KTP-16-BR Red 16℃ Powder 1-10um
KTP-17-MG Malachite Green 17℃ Powder 1-10um
KTP-18-BY Yellow 18℃ Powder 1-10um
KTP-18B-JB Black 18℃ Powder 1-10um
KTP-22-GY Gold Yellow 22℃ Powder 1-10um
KTP-30-SB Sapphire Blue 30℃ Powder 1-10um
KTP-31-JB Black 31℃ Powder 1-10um
KTP-31-VP Purple 31℃ Powder 1-10um
KTP-31-BR Red 31℃ Powder 1-10um
KTP-32-BY Yellow 32℃ Powder 1-10um
KTP-32-MG Green 32°C Powder 1-10um
KTP-43-OR Orange Red 45℃ Powder 1-10um
KTP-45-BR Red 45℃ Powder 1-10um
KTP-30-BR Black-Red 31℃ Powder 3-10um
KTP-30-VB Puple-Blue 31℃ Powder 3-10um
KTP-30-GY Green-Yellow 31℃ Powder 3-10um
KTP-30-VP Puple-Pink 31℃ Powder 3-10um
KT-31-RBF (BPA Free) Red 31℃ Powder 3-10um
KT-31-PBF (BPA Free) Rose Red 31℃ Powder 3-10um
KT-31-GBF (BPA Free) Green 31℃ Powder 3-10um
KT-31-TBF (BPA Free) Turkey Blue 31℃ Powder 3-10um
KT-31-YBF (BPA Free) Yellow 31℃ Powder 3-10um
KT-31-VBF (BPA Free) Violet 31℃ Powder 3-10um
KT-31-BBF (BPA Free) Blue 31℃ Powder 3-10um
KTP-31-VPF (BPA Free) Purple 31℃ Powder 3-10um
KTP-32-BY F(BPA Free) Yellow 32℃ Powder 3-10um