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Duochrome Chameleon

Duochrome Chameleon

Other Name: Color Shifting Pigments,Duochrome Pigments

Unleash the power of the Multichrome Effect with pigments composed of high-transparency crystalline sheets coated in titanium dioxide. Experience ever-changing colors and intense color flow from varying angles. Ideal for nail art applications.

Product Image Code Color Form Particle Size MSDS TDS
KT-95107 Blue-green/blue/violet/red Powder 10-70μm
KT-95207 blue/violet/red/orange Powder 10-70μm
KT-95307 Violet-blue/violet/red/orange-yellow Powder 10-70μm
KT-95407 mauve/red/orange/yellow Powder 10-70μm
KT-95507 red/orange/yellow/yellow-green Powder 10-70μm
KT-90507 Orange/Cyan Powder 20-80μm
KT-90520 Red/Orange Powder 20-80μm
KT-90572 Cyan/Red Powder 20-80μm
KT-90552 Green/Red Powder 20-80μm
KT-90593 Olivine/Violet Powder 20-80μm
KT-90518 Yellow/Blue Powder 20-80μm
KT-95104 Blue-green/blue/violet/red Powder 10-40μm
KT-95204 blue/violet/red/orange Powder 10-40μm
KT-95304 Violet-blue/violet/red/orange-yellow Powder 10-40μm
KT-95404 mauve/red/orange/yellow Powder 10-40μm
KT-95504 red/orange/yellow/yellow-green Powder 10-40μm
KT-95106 Blue-green/blue/violet/red Powder 10-60μm
KT-95206 blue/violet/red/orange Powder 10-60μm
KT-95306 Violet-blue/violet/red/orange-yellow Powder 10-60μm
KT-95406 mauve/red/orange/yellow Powder 10-60μm
KT-95506 red/orange/yellow/yellow-green Powder 10-60μm
KT-95175 Blue-green/blue/violet/red Powder 75-175μm
KT-95275 blue/violet/red/orange Powder 75-175μm
KT-95375 Violet-blue/violet/red/orange-yellow Powder 75-175μm
KT-95475 mauve/red/orange/yellow Powder 75-175μm
KT-95575 red/orange/yellow/yellow-green Powder 75-175μm
KT-95125 Blue-green/blue/violet/red Powder 100-250μm
KT-95225 blue/violet/red/orange Powder 100-250μm
KT-95325 Violet-blue/violet/red/orange-yellow Powder 100-250μm
KT-95425 mauve/red/orange/yellow Powder 100-250μm
KT-95525 red/orange/yellow/yellow-green Powder 100-250μm
KT-95102 Blue-green/blue/violet/red Powder 5-25μm
KT-95202 blue/violet/red/orange Powder 5-25μm
KT-95302 Violet-blue/violet/red/orange-yellow Powder 5-25μm
KT-95402 mauve/red/orange/yellow Powder 5-25μm
KT-95502 red/orange/yellow/yellow-green Powder 5-25μm
KT-97515 Golden/Green Powder 30-115μm
KT-97521 Red/Golden Powder 30-115μm
KT-97543 Blue/Violet Powder 30-115μm
KT-97554 Green/Blue Powder 30-115μm
KT-98525 Red/Green Powder 30-150μm
KT-98535 Violet/Green Powder 30-150μm
KT-98528 Red/Blue Green Powder 30-150μm