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Glowing Effect

Glowing Effect

Glow In The Dark pigments stand apart from traditional colored pigments by their distinctive ability to absorb light energy (from sunlight, indoor lighting, etc.) and subsequently emit it as a captivating glow. These pigments serve as the fundamental ingredient in a variety of Glow In The Dark products, they have gained widespread use in the realm of nail art, providing an enchanting and luminous effect on manicures.

Product Image Code Color Form Particle Size MSDS TDS
GSB01-SC Skye Blue Powder 35-45 μm
GTG01-SC Tender Green Powder 5-25 μm
GBG02-SC Blue Green Powder 65-75 μm
GBG02-2-SC Blue Green Powder 15-25 μm
GYG03-SC Yellow Green Powder 12-25 μm
GYG03-2-SC Yellow Green Powder 5-10 μm
KT-GYG-10 Yellow-Green Powder 20-38 μm
KT-GYG-05 Yellow Green Powder 30-50 μm
KT-GPO-07 Pink Orange Powder 30-50 μm
KT-GVP-03 Violet Powder 30-50 μm
KT-GOY-01 Orange Yellow Powder 30-50 μm
KT-GOR-03 Orange Red Powder 30-50 μm
KT-GFG-05 Green Powder 30-50 μm
KT-GBR-02 Red Powder 30-50 μm
KT-GBB-04 Blue Powder 30-50 μm