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Holographic Pigments

Holographic Pigments

These pigments boast a captivating holographic effect, showcasing a silver color that dances with the brilliance of bright rainbows. In a finely powdered form, our Holographic Pigments create a metallic appearance that is both sophisticated and avant-garde. Crafted with an aluminum core and ultra-thin diffractive pigment flakes, these pigments deliver a unique, iridescent shine.

Product Image Code Color Form Particle Size MSDS TDS
KT-HL001-535 Holographic Silver Powder 35μm
KT-HL001-705 Holographic Silver Powder 38μm
KT-HL001-815 Holographic Silver Powder 15μm
KT-HL001-825 Holographic Silver Powder 25μm
KT-HL001-835 Holographic Silver Powder 35μm