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Interference Chameleon

Interference Chameleon

Other Name: Chameleon Pigments

Uniquely offering a Multichrome Effect with selective light interference, Interference Chameleon intensifies certain colors while darkening or making complementary shades disappear from specific angles. Showcase the artistry of light manipulation in nail art applications.

Product Image Code Color Form Particle Size MSDS TDS
KT-90216 Clear Yellow/Indigo Powder 20-80μm
KT-90226 Clear Red/Indigo Powder 20-80μm
KT-90273 Clear Cyan/Violet Powder 20-80μm
KT-90245 Clear Blue/Green Powder 20-80μm
KT-92130 Clear cyan-blue-purple-red Powder 25-130μm
KT-92230 Clear blue-purple-red-orange Powder 25-130μm
KT-92330 Clear indigo-purple-red-orange yellow Powder 25-130μm
KT-92630 Clear golden-kelly-green-blue Powder 25-130μm
KT-92175 Clear cyan-blue-purple-red Powder 75-175μm
KT-92275 Clear blue-purple-red-orange Powder 75-175μm
KT-92375 Clear indigo-purple-red-orange yellow Powder 75-175μm
KT-92475 Clear mauve-red-orange-yellow Powder 75-175μm
KT-92575 Clear red-orange-yellow-kelly Powder 75-175μm
KT-92675 Clear golden-kelly-green-blue Powder 75-175μm
KT-92125 Clear Blue-green/blue/violet/red Powder 100-250μm
KT-92225 Clear blue/violet/red/orange Powder 100-250μm
KT-92325 Clear Violet-blue/violet/red/orange-yellow Powder 100-250μm
KT-92525 Clear red/orange/yellow/yellow-green Powder 100-250μm
KT-92625 Clear yellow/yellow-green/green/blue Powder 100-250μm
KT-92802 Violet Red/Orange/Yellow/Green Powder 5-25μm
KT-972106 Golden Green Powder 10-60μm
KT-972206 Red Golden Powder 10-60μm
KT-972306 Violet Red Powder 10-60μm
KT-972406 Blue Violet Powder 10-60μm
KT-97254 Green/Blue Powder 30-115μm
KT-97232 Violet/Red Powder 30-115μm
KT-97215 Golden/Green Powder 30-115μm
KT-97243 Blue/Violet Powder 30-115μm
KT-97221 Red/Golden Powder 30-115μm
KT-97216 Golden/Indigo Powder 30-115μm
KT-98214 Golden/Blue Powder 30-150μm
KT-98240 Blue/Orange Powder 30-150μm
KT-982155 Golden-Indigo Powder 25-155μm
KT-982255 Red-Golden Powder 25-155μm
KT-982355 Violet-Red Powder 25-155μm
KT-982455 Blue-Violet Powder 25-155μm
KT-982555 Green-Indigo Powder 25-155μm
KT-9722130 Red/Gold Green Powder 30-100μm
KT-9722230 Blue/Violet Powder 30-100μm
KT-9722330 Green/Blue Powder 30-100μm
KT-9722430 Gold/Green Blue Powder 30-100μm
KT-9722530 Violet/Green Powder 30-100μm
KT-982145 Yellow/Red Powder 45-215μm
KT-982245 Yellow/Red/Purple Powder 45-215μm
KT-982345 Red/Purple/Blue Powder 45-215μm
KT-982445 Purple/Blue/Green Powder 45-215μm
KT-982545 Blue/Green/Yellow Powder 45-215μm
KT-982645 Green/Yellow/Red Powder 45-215μm
KT-982135 Yellow/Red Powder 30-150μm
KT-982235 Yellow/Red/Purple Powder 30-150μm
KT-982335 Red/Purple/Blue Powder 30-150μm
KT-982435 Red/Purple/Blue Powder 30-150μm
KT-982535 Purple/Blue/Green Powder 30-150μm
KT-982635 Blue/Green/Yellow Powder 30-150μm
KT-982130 Yellow/Red/Purple Powder 30-115μm
KT-982230 Red/Purple/Blue Powder 30-115μm
KT-982330 Purple/Blue/Green Powder 30-115μm
KT-982430 Blue/Green Powder 30-115μm
KT-982630 Green/Yellow/Red Powder 30-115μm