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Aurora MulticolorPlus

Aurora MulticolorPlus

Designed to enhance the existing aurora effect, these pigments offer an extra level of brilliance and shine. Create nails that glisten and dazzle under any lighting condition. Sparkling Aurora Effect, leaving nails looking absolutely glamorous.

Product Image Code Color Form Particle Size MSDS TDS
KT-AM3001 Aurora Green Powder 20-150μm
KT-AM3002 Aurora Rouge Red Powder 20-150μm
KT-AM3003 Aurora Gold Powder 20-150μm
KT-AM3004 Aurora Purple Powder 20-150μm
KT-AM3005 Aurora Pink Powder 20-150μm
KT-AM3006 Aurora Sky Blue Powder 20-150μm
KT-AM3007 Aurora Red Powder 20-150μm
KT-AM3008 Aurora Violet Powder 20-150μm
KT-AM3101 Aurora Red Powder 5-20μm
KT-AM3102 Aurora Blue Powder 5-20μm
KT-AM3103 Aurora Pink Powder 5-20μm