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Aurora Powder AR5

Aurora Powder AR5

Upgrade nail art game with the Aurora Pigment AR5. This deep and alluring pigment creates a stunning Mermaid Effect when applied to the surface of your nails. Elevate manicure to a whole new level and enjoy the captivating charm of mermaid-inspired nails.

Product Image Code Color Form Particle Size MSDS TDS
AR5001 Aurora Red-Gold Powder 5-25μm
AR5002 Aurora Violet Powder 5-25μm
AR5003 Aurora Gold-Orange Powder 5-25μm
AR5004 Aurora Blue-Green Powder 5-25μm
AR5005 Aurora Green-Pink Powder 5-25μm
AR5006 Aurora Blue Powder 5-25μm
AR5007 Aurora Gold Green-Blue Powder 5-25μm