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Mirror Multicolor Glitter

Mirror Multicolor Glitter

Boasting a Mirror Effect and a diverse color palette, this glitter powder sparkles with a dazzling effect and is solvent-resistant. Whether applied to nail polish or directly to nail surfaces, it creates a mirror finish reflecting both sophistication and versatility.

Product Image Code Color Form Particle Size MSDS TDS
KT-MGM100 Gold Powder 10-60μm
KT-MGM101 Gold Powder 50-2000μm
KT-MGM102 Gold Powder 50-2000um
KT-MGM103 Yellow Powder 50-2000μm
KT-MGM104 Silver Powder 50-2000pm
KT-MGM105 Silver Powder 20-150μm
KT-MGM301 Purple Powder 20-150μm
KT-MGM401 Blue Powder 20-150μm
KT-MGM501 Green Powder 20-150μm
KT-MGM801 Bronze Powder 20-150μm