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Moonlight Mirror

Moonlight Mirror

With a Mirror Effect in a silver (milky-white) base and an aurora color shift, these pigments add an ethereal quality to your manicures. Immerse yourself in the graceful dance of light and color, creating a mirror finish that is both mystical and sophisticated.

Product Image Code Color Form Particle Size MSDS TDS
KT-MB100 Moon Shine White Powder 10-45μm
KT-MB102 Moon Shine Azure Powder 10-45μm
KT-MB103 Moon Shine Red Powder 10-45μm
KT-MB104 Moon Shine Purple Powder 10-45μm
KT-MB105 Moon Shine Pink Powder 10-45μm
KT-MB106 Moon Shine Pink Powder 10-45μm
KT-MB200 Moonlight White Powder 10-50μm
KT-MB201 Moonlight Orange Powder 10-50μm
KT-MB202 Moonlight Red Powder 10-50μm
KT-MB203 Moonlight Rose Powder 10-50μm
KT-MB204 Moonlight Violet Powder 10-50μm
KT-MB205 Moonlight Blue Powder 10-50μm
KT-MB206 Moonlight Green Powder 10-50μm