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Metal Luster

Metal Luster

Explore the warmth of metallic lustre with our Metal Luster Pearlescent Powder series. Boasting strong concealing properties and chemical/physical stability, these powders are treated as metallic pigments, offering a range of colors determined by the thickness of the iron oxide coat. Elevate your nail art with the unique combination of metallic effects and pearlescent allure, ensuring a sophisticated and enduring finish.

Product Image Code Color Form Particle Size MSDS TDS
KT-520 Satin Bronze Powder 5-25μm
KT-522 Satin Red Brown Powder 5-25μm
KT-524 Satin Wine Red Powder 5-25μm
KT-525 Satin Mauve Powder 5-25μm
KT-526 Satin Coffee Powder 5-25μm
KT-500 Bronze Powder 10-60μm
KT-502 Red Brown Powder 10-60μm
KT-504 Wine Red Powder 10-60μm
KT-505 Mauve Powder 10-60μm
KT-508 Red Pearl Powder 10-60μm
KT-509 Green Brown Powder 10-60μm
KT-510 Coffee Powder 10-60μm
KT-530 Flash Bronze Powder 10-100μm
KT-532 Flash Red Brown Powder 10-100μm
KT-534 Flash Wine Red Powder 10-100μm
KT-535 Flash Mauve Powder 10-100μm
KT-7511 Bronze Powder 10-60μm
KT-7512 Brown Red Powder 10-60μm
KT-7513 Wine Red Powder 10-60μm
KT-7521 Flash Bronze Powder 20-100μm
KT-7523 Flash Wine Red Powder 20-100μm
KT-7541 Shimmer Bronze Powder 40-200μm
KT-7542 Shimmer Brown Red Powder 40-200μm
KT-7543 Shimmer Wine Red Powder 40-200μm
KT-7561 Sparkle Bronze Powder 60-300μm
KT-7562 Sparkle Brown Red Powder 60-300μm
KT-7563 Sparkle Wine Red Powder 60-300μm
KT-7571 Super Bronze Powder 200-700μm
KT-7573 Super Wine Red Powder 200-700μm
KT-88540 Sparkle Bright Bronze Powder 40-200μm
KT-88541 Sparkle Bright Brown Powder 40-200μm
KT-88542 Sparkle Bright Red Brown Powder 40-200μm
KT-88553 Super Sparkle Red Powder 50-500 μm