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Silver White

Silver White

Experience the elegance of our Silver White Pearlescent Powder series, featuring pearlescent white grades with variations like silver white, flash pearl silver white, shimmer pearl silver white, rutile Sterling Silver, and lustre Satin Fine Satin Silver White. Achieve a glossy and sparkling silver color that enhances the overall aesthetic of your nail creations. When blended with transparent pigments or dyestuffs, it not only reflects pigment colors but also introduces a mesmerizing lustre.

Product Image Code Color Form Particle Size MSDS TDS
KT-100 Silver Pearl Powder 10-60μm
KT-101 Irradiant White Powder 10-70μm
KT-103 Rutile Silver Powder 10-60μm
KT-104 Silk Silver Powder 10-40μm
KT-105 Bright Pearl Powder 10-50μm
KT-110 Fine Satin White Powder <15μm
KT-111 Fine Satin Silver Powder <15μm
KT-119 Silver Satin Powder 5-20μm
KT-151 Flash White Powder 10-100μm
KT-152 Flash Silver Powder 10-100μm
KT-153 Glitter White Powder 20-100μm
KT-154 Glitter Pearl Powder 30-150μm
KT-163 Shimmer Pearl Powder 40-200μm
KT-173 Silk Pearl Powder 10-40μm
KT-183 Sparkle Pearl Powder 50-500μm
KT-7101 Fine Satin White Powder <15μm
KT-7102 Satin White Powder 5-25μm
KT-7103 Bright White Powder 10-60μm
KT-7104 Luster White Powder 15-75μm
KT-7105 Flash White Powder 10-100μm
KT-7106 Glitter White Powder 30-150μm
KT-7107 Sparkle White Powder 40-300μm
KT-7108 Ultra Sparkle White Powder 50-350μm
KT-7109 Intense Sparkle White Powder 200-700μm
KT-7191 Intense Sparkle White Powder 100-1000μm
KT-7192 Maxima White Powder 200-1000μm
KT-7121 Fine Satin Silver Powder <15μm
KT-7122 Satin Silver Powder 5-25μm
KT-7123 Luster Satin Silver Powder 10-40μm
KT-7124 Silk Silver Powder 10-50μm
KT-7125 Bright Silver Powder 10-60μm
KT-7126 Flash Silver Powder 20-100μm
KT-7127 Glitter Silver Powder 30-100μm
KT-7128 Glitter Silver Powder 30-150μm